Government at all levels appears many times to be just too complicated to understand. Our Republican Party foundation is based upon these few and simple principles:

  • Our nation is based upon individuals (you and I). The political process begins with our individual involvement and with our individual vote at our voting precinct.
  • We honor and respect each individual’s rights, dignity and freedom. Equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity are the cornerstones of our democracy.
  • This nation became one of the world’s greatest civilizations through free enterprise and individual initiative, not through government regulation and management of commercial businesses.
  • The money we earn through our jobs and our businesses belongs to us and to our families, and it is the responsibility of government to be fiscally responsible and see that we keep more – not less, of it.
  • We live in a changing world, and all organizations must change to meet the challenges of changing times, but we must hold on to the principles and traditions that have made this nation strong.
  • The role of government is to provide for its citizens only the most critical functions which cannot be provided by individuals or private (non-government) organizations.
  • The most effective government is a government that is closest to the people, and the best government is that which governs the least.
  • If you share these beliefs, the Republican Party is the best vehicle for supporting, and sustaining these ideals and for guiding government to implement policies and practices that reflect these ideals.

The Catoosa County Republican Party welcomes all who share these beliefs, and would like to have you participate in our local party at whatever level you are comfortable with. Please let us hear from you by contacting us on the contact us page and we will see that you are on the mailing list and e-mail distribution for upcoming activities and functions.

God Bless the United States of America,

Roger Bowman, Past Chairman
Catoosa County GOP