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Catoosa County Republican Party Convention

Join us at the Colonnade for the Catoosa County Republican Convention on Saturday, March 19, 2016.  We will convene in precinct meetings at 9:00am to elect precinct members as voting delegates to the county convention.  Immediately following the precinct meetings, the county convention will convene at 10:00am for the purpose of electing delegates from Catoosa Co. to serve as voting delegates at both the House District 14 Convention in April and the State Republican Convention in June.

The convention process is important! If you've ever yelled at the TV and complained to your neighbors that the Republican Party isn't reflecting your desires as a voter, this is YOUR opportunity to impact the delegates who represent our district and our state to the national party. 

Registration for this important event opens at 8:00am.  The doors will close PROMPTLY at 9:00, per state party rules You MUST be registered before 9:00am in order to vote as a delegate. 

A valid photo ID is required to complete credentialing to confirm that you are a registered voter residing in Catoosa County. A driver's license or passport will be sufficient.

A breakfast buffet will be available between 8:00-9:00 to motivate you to get there early and beat the registration rush! Through Eventbrite, tickets are $6.27 to offset the cost of the breakfast buffet. If you pay at the door, tickets are $5.00 each (exact change appreciated.)  Bring your friends, family and neighbors to participate in the beauty that is the American Constitutional Republic.