General Planks of Catoosa County Republican Party


1.     We support the National Platform of the National Republican Party

2.     We support the Georgia Republican Party's Statement

3.     We support the Pro Life Issue

4.     We support not raising taxes at any level of government and an ever vigilant, perpetual determination, to reduce every existing tax, wherever possible.

5.     A marriage not ordained by God is not a marriage.

6.     We support limited government and in any action of government, it should err on the side of liberty

7.     While people in America come from different backgrounds, religions, cultures and nationalities, we demand that any person desiring to be a citizen support the Constitution of the United States and the individual liberties it guarantees.

8.     We support elimination of unnecessary government regulations at all levels of government

9.     We support the creation of a committee on ethics for Catoosa County government appointed by the executive committees of both the Catoosa County Republican Party and Democrat Party.

10. Elected officials shall not borrow against future taxes based upon election results   regarding such issues as SPLOST, ESPLOST (this borrowing assumes that the public will approve the tax and it is gambling to assume it will pass every time).

11. The laws of God are a light unto the world and have created individual rights for all people, believers and non-believers alike, and our legislatures should be supportive of these laws and should not be working against these laws and attacking these laws.

12. We support ending tax incentives and property development for private companies.

13. All public meetings involving county government should be recorded via social media (such as Facebook Live, Podcast, etc.) and uploaded live to the County Web site.



1.     Education of the children of the nation does not mean that the state should take the place of parents.

2.     Educational institutions of this state shall have the absolute right as given by the parents to maintain discipline in their classroom and school system.

3.     Parents should be allowed to have input into the curriculum of any school. The ultimate control should be with the administration but any PTA or other community organization connected with the institution shall be entitled to a public hearing into text books, media, materials used and curriculum used.

4.     All public school officials shall be elected in a partisan election every four years and the election shall occur on the same day as the presidential election and all board members shall stand for election on that day.

5.     School board members should have term limits and be allowed to serve 2 terms only.

6.     Public schools shall publish their accounting records by line item on the Internet via the Board of Education Website and shall also indicate to whom expenditures were made.

7.      The Public School Board shall not fear rejecting Federal Funding.

8.     The Public School Board shall be required to submit a budget to the Board of Commissioners.


1.     The responsibility of educating the children lies with the parents. No education system shall be designed such to exclude parental participation.

2.     If government is to play a role in education it might be in funding through a system of direct unfettered “no strings attached” grants to parents.

3.     We also know that there is a system of taxation of the public presently used to fund public schools. If options within the free enterprise system for schooling are to be made, available funds must be diverted to interested parents in order to attract options.

4.     We are opposed to the present “Voucher” systems as they all carry with them regulatory prohibitions on the free exercise of religion and speech that exist in public school. They also adopt many if not all curriculum restrictions. This is not acceptable.

5.     A system of direct grants without restraint is acceptable. These should be viewed as a tax rebate. It is the parent’s tax money being returned to them. It is their money. It is not a gift from the government. Whether the grant is given to the school directly or a check to the parents or a redeemable certificate is not the issue. The logistics can be worked out but liberty must be the goal and preserved.


The Board of Commissioners shall exercise sound business principles in the operation of County Government:

1.     The County shall adopt Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) as the method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified for each new period.

2.     Cease benefits for Commissioners. Commissioners shall be treated as a part time position and not a full time job. Only out of pocket expenses and per diem should be paid to Commissioners.

3.     The Zero Based Budgets with specific line item descriptions of each budget shall be implemented by all governmental offices and departments and made available to the citizens of Catoosa via the County website.

 4.     Nepotism shall not be allowed in County Government.

 5.     Conflicts of Interest in County Government shall cease. 

6.     The Commissioners shall pass a resolution every year noting that the constitutional officers are servants of the people and require every constitutional officer to sign the resolution each year. 

 7.     All County departments, Constitutional departments, and Recreation spending shall be published for easy review by the public. All entities that receive public funding shall publish detailed accounting records reflecting their income and expenses. It shall be published on the Board of Commissioners website.

 8.     The Board of Commissioners shall require that annual audits not be performed by any accounting firm for more than three years in a row.

 V.         Clerk’s Office:

The clerk’s office shall be required to broadcast via the county website recorded and posted for review at any time, on the Internet the selection of Grand Jury and Petit Jury persons. The people shall be instructed as to how this powerful system is created.

VI.         State Representative:

1.     Shall help implement the local party platform

2.     Shall not raise taxes, whenever possible

3.     Support liberty

4.     Help implement the policies and actions in the resolutions passed by the County Convention

VII.         State Senator:

1.     Shall help implement the local party platform

2.     Shall not raise taxes, whenever possible

3.     Support liberty

4.     Help implement the policies and actions in the resolutions passed by the County Convention

God Bless the United States of America,

Catoosa County GOP